Replay of Previous Webinars

Odi et Amo: old trends VS new paradigms for a Medi-Wellbeing

April 29th 2021

Sammy Gharieni – CEO & Founder of Gharieni Group
Alberto Apostoli – Owner of Studio Apostoli

Moderated by: Raffaella Dallarda – Spa & Wellness Blogger

March 25th 2021

Julien Flotats – Chief Operating Officer of Corpoderm,
Rainer Bolsinger – CSO & CMO of Art of Cryo

Moderated by: Mr. Norbert Hintermayer – head of Wellness World Business

Science-led Wellness in luxury Hotels & Resorts

February 25th 2021

Dr. George Gaitanos – Chief Operating & Scientific Officer of Chenot Group,
Mr. Pierre-Louis Delapalme – Co-Chairman of Biologique Recherche

Moderated by: Mr. Jean-Guy de Gabriac – Founder of World Wellness Weekend

A Return to Nature : The Importance of the Natural World for Mental Health and Wellness

January 25th 2021

Andrew Gibson, Elizabeth Contal, Jane Kitchen

By Jean-Guy De Gabriac, Founder of World Wellness Weekend

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